Sweet Romance Jewelry
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Add-On Extender N200 - sweetromanceonlinejewelry
Crystal Prism Earrings
Demi Juliette Earrings
Merry Christmas Pin
Scattered Lady Bug Hat Pin P662 - sweetromanceonlinejewelry
Tea Shelf Pin P101
Cat Pin P667
Set of 8 Vintage Rings
Twin Kittens Pin P680 - sweetromanceonlinejewelry
Aurora Moon Ring
Squirrel Harvest Pin
Rainbow Jewel Necklace
Raven Halloween Pin
Cat Lover Necklaces
Halo Hoop Earrings - sweetromanceonlinejewelry
Petite Square Earrings
Leaf Crown Bobby Pins
Amazonite Gemstone Ring
Dog Lover Necklaces
D'vine Earrings
Bee Hat Pin P665 - sweetromanceonlinejewelry
Circle Jewel Ring
Holly Bells Pin
Audette Necklace
Zodiac Earrings
Jeweled Bee Ring
Frog Hat Pin P663 - sweetromanceonlinejewelry
Compass Hat Pin P668 - sweetromanceonlinejewelry
Running River Jewelry Set - sweetromanceonlinejewelry
London Cross Ring
Scarab Beetle Ring
Etheria Cross Necklace
Rose Fairy Box BX34
Enamel Baby Frog Barrette
Dragonfly Hat Pin P675 - sweetromanceonlinejewelry
Scarab Beetle Pin P658
Snowman Christmas Pin
Autumn Haze Necklace
Enamel Pansies Necklace
Holly Bells Earrings
Teardrop Earrings
Linear Bracelet BR521 - sweetromanceonlinejewelry
Photo Box Necklace N316
Sword Pin P676 - sweetromanceonlinejewelry
Ladybug Toe Ring
Indigo Moon Pin P308
Over the Moon Necklace
Coral Drop Earrings
Something Fishy Bead Bracelet BR1202 - sweetromanceonlinejewelry
Victorian Slide Bracelet
French Knot Barrette
Sugar Skull Ring
Desert Gypsy Vee Necklace
Bird Bangle Bracelets
Scarab Necklace N1568 - sweetromanceonlinejewelry
Dog Pin P682 - sweetromanceonlinejewelry
Bat Pin P681 - sweetromanceonlinejewelry
Lizard Pin P664 - sweetromanceonlinejewelry
Lion Medallion Pin P654
Creepy Spider Pin P651 - sweetromanceonlinejewelry
Compass Ring
Deco Bar Pin
Christmas Kitty Pin
Bat Halloween Pin
Baroque Pearl Necklace
Maui Mermaid Necklace
Seahorse Ocean Necklace