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Mrs. Claus' Rudolf the Reindeer Pin

Mrs. Claus' Rudolf the Reindeer Pin

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Our Rudolf is finely sculptured and textured. Vintage crystal aurora 'ornaments' of scarlet red, emerald green and golden topaz dangle merrily from his antlers. Enamel holly and berries accent his neck. Finished in warm bronze. Signed. Made in our Los Angeles studio.
Shelley's comments: You know Dasher and Dancer and Prancer. And you recall the most famous reindeer of all. But I'll bet you never met Mrs. Claus' reindeer ... Santa hitched up his team that foggy night and to the surprise of the others, asked Rudolf to lead the way. As the sleigh soared into the night, Mrs. Claus noticed a little reindeer who was left behind. He prodded the snow sadly with one hoof. When she called to him, he lifted his head. "Why don't you come inside for a while?" her cheery voice suggested. The little reindeer approached slowly, his eyes welling with tears as the old lady embraced his neck. "Don't worry - there'll be many more Christmas Eves," she consoled him. "Santa will know when you're ready to join the team. Meanwhile, join me tonight. The Elves are gone, my house is warm and I have cookies in the oven." Hoping they would be chocolate chip, the reindeer followed her inside. He nibbled the warm cookies while Mrs. Claus hung glittering glass ornaments in his antlers and gave him a mantle of holly.

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