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Cat Lover Necklaces
Cat Lover Necklaces
Cat Lover Necklaces

Cat Lover Necklaces

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Cats! Their looks appeal to our sense of beauty. Their free spirit lifts our hearts. We crave their affection. Observing a cat helps us to recognize and enjoy life's simple pleasures, the essentials of true happiness.

Choose from five irresistible personalities or adopt the collection! Each face is molded for detail and dimension and hand painted. Delicate 17" chain and pendant are finished in silver.

Choice of
A - Siamese
B - Persian
C - Tuxedo
D - Tabby
E - Gray shorthair

You know you're a cat person if you can identify each face as some feline youve known or loved or helped. And, for every necklace we sell, a hefty slice of the price is donated to cat rescue and protection organizations, shelters, TNR, causes and humane education charities. So, wear your necklace, let people smile and give you the perfect opportunity to share your passion and support for cats.

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