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Vintage Inspired Fashion Jewelry

Sweet Romance Jewelry is designed by Shelley Cooper, a gifted jewelry designer who draws from her love of vintage jewelry and over 30 years of experience to create original designs that blend modern tastes with a vintage essence. Shelley's artistic creativity, coupled with genuine fine materials like pure pewter, gold, silver and bronze, translates to upscale fashion jewelry for every woman. Each piece is created with the very techniques that first defined American fashion jewels. Sweet Romance Jewelry combines timeless chic with current trends to bring style and inspiration to last a lifetime.

Offerings range from hip, trendy pieces to legacy designs with rare vintage materials. Our designer jewelry pieces are finished by hand with advanced techniques. Shelley's vision, as well as her deep archive of antique glass and metal ornamentation, delivers unique statement jewelry that is stylish and speaks to your self-expression. Our vintage-inspired costume jewelry is proudly made in Los Angeles, California.