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Blue Goddess Vintage Egyptian Ring
Blue Goddess Vintage Egyptian Ring R568
Blue Goddess Vintage Egyptian Ring R568

Blue Goddess Vintage Egyptian Ring R568

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This ring features a circa 1930s decorated blue glass element depicting an ancient Egyptian goddess. The detail suggests the piece was based on the goddess Wadjet because it is so sensitively detailed and colored rather than fanciful. We have placed her beneath the Eye of Horus, Egyptian symbol of protection, royal power and good health. Fascination with Egyptian archaeological discoveries profoundly influenced popular culture and art. Undisturbed intact articles found in the tombs became icons of romance and mystery. Glass workshops in Europe produced decorated elements to be used in the creation of jewelry in sync with Egyptian Revival fashion and design.

The sleek, tapering pierced panel is mounted to an adjustable, comfortable ring band to fit sizes 6-9. Made in our Los Angeles studio.

Ring top: 1-1/2" x 3/4"

From our Artifacts Ring Collection featuring old world icons of beauty, mystery and a hint of magic. Enduring symbols of legend, inspiration and guidance, they connect past with present for this journey called life. Using traditional bench techniques, every ring is hand-fabricated with artistic sculptures,gemstones and crystal from our rich archive of jewelry artifacts.

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