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Vintage Jeweled Cross Necklace N1404
Vintage Jeweled Cross Necklace
Vintage Jeweled Cross Necklace N1404

Vintage Jeweled Cross Necklace N1404

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Mixed metal finishes (burnished silver, bronze and gold) give this cross the right look for everyday wear, but stunning enough for displaying in your curio. A confluence of late gothic and Elizabethan design elements are set with enamel, pearls, smoke, opal and champagne crystal. Spirals and rosette motifs are inspired by the graceful metalwork of cathedral interiors such as the Santo Spirito. The sequence of miniature jeweled emblems that make up the cross transmit feminine glamour and vintage sophistication.

Size: 24" long with a 3" extender. Pendant: 3" long by 2.25" wide. Made in our Los Angeles studio. Many artists have put their hands to the creation of your necklace. May it bring you joy and inspiration!

The cross is a symbol for several themes. It is viewed as a coordinate where north, south, east and west come together. It also joins the four elements of earth, wind, fire and water. As a Christian symbol, it is loved as a spiritual, protective and ornamental emblem throughout the entire world.

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