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Victorian Visiting Style Necklace
Victorian Visiting Style Necklace - sweetromanceonlinejewelry

Victorian Visiting Style Necklace

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Why a "visiting" necklace, you ask? Polite Victorian society had a strict code of behavior that governed in-person visits. Before the telephone, going to see a friend didn't mean dropping by without notice nor on a day that wasn't specifically a "calling" day. It was also expected that visitors were dressed appropriately. Those looking for courtship sought to blend a visit with this more personal objective. A lady receiving a preferred gentleman caller would be carefully groomed and might have worn a sparkly necklet, as it was called, to draw attention to her physical beauty.
This sweet chain of bows and octagon stones softly glisten with every breath you take.
Choice of Garnet or Silver.
Lobster claw clasp.
Burnished bronze or silver metal finish.
Signed and copyrighted Sweet Romance USA.

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