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Sword Pin P676 - sweetromanceonlinejewelry
Sword Pin P676 - sweetromanceonlinejewelry

Sword Pin P676

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$24.00 USD
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This dimensional sword pin is artful, vintage and hip. Its jeweled handle and tip give the appearance of piercing through whatever you're wearing it on. Suitable for women and men, a stylish and unexpected ornament for everything you wear--denim, leather, velvet--in a scarf, a hat or executive neck tie...Mounted on a stick pin shaft with end clutch allowing you place it anywhere you like. Choice of burnished bronze with ruby, sapphire and diamente crystal or silver finish with jet and diamente crystal.

Dimensions: 7/8" x 3"

Made in our Los Angeles studio.

From the Sweet Romance Pin Collection featuring icons of beauty, mystery and a hint of magic. Enduring symbols of legend, inspiration and guidance, they connect past with present for this journey called life. Using traditional bench techniques, every pin is hand-fabricated with the original sculptures of Sweet Romance and elements from our rich archive of jewelry artifacts. Made in our Los Angeles, USA studios.