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Retro 1950s Starlight Silver Necklace

Retro 1950s Starlight Silver Necklace

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If there ever was a jewelry statement for the glittering 1950s and 60s, it was IS, the blue aurora crystal necklace. The 1950s fashion world was swept up in the glamour of rhinestones as they flooded store showcases and magazine ads. By the 1960s, the 'aurora borealis' finish was applied to basic colors which lighted up a stone's every gleaming facet in filmy rainbow hues. The effect was dazzling, seductive. Exquisitely sculptured settings alternate along this necklace, a study in icy blues, watery opals, pale sapphire, silver shade, tanzanite and blue aurora borealis. You can wear it as a collar or drop it down to wear at classic jewel length. Swarovski crystal throughout. Finished in hand burnished silver. Made in our Los Angeles studio. Signed Sweet Romance.Matching earrings - click to view

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