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Millefiori Glass Candy Rainbow Bead Wrap Bracelet BR560

Millefiori Glass Candy Rainbow Bead Wrap Bracelet BR560

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Handmade millefiori glass beads and metal beads are used in colorful wrap bracelet. Full of life and sparkle, these art glass beads are a fusion of reds, blues, greens, aqua, orange, white and sun yellow. Each bead is strung on a wire spiral, making this bracelet adjustable for any size wrist. Millefiori means thousand flowers. Bundles of tiny glass filament rods are sliced, then fired to meld their brilliant colors and floral patterns. No two beads are ever identical. From our Candy Glass Collection. The decade of the 1960's, thought to be the anti-establishment, anti-fashion decade, ironically, brought fresh direction to the fashion industry. Simply put, everything that had been "in" was now "out" and vice versa. So, right along with Twiggy and Mary Quant, there was huge interest in bright color, beads and fringe.

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