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Art Deco Vintage Marquee Crystal Bracelet
Art Deco Vintage Marquee Crystal Bracelet

Art Deco Vintage Marquee Crystal Bracelet BR112

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A wave of glistening crystal baguettes flows through this art deco marquee style bracelet. A madly entrancing geometric deco design--just the sort of bracelet Vonnie (Kristen Stewart) wore in the movie Cafe Society. It might also play the starring role for jewelry in your retro or modern wedding. Length 7.25" Width 1" Choice of clear crystal on burnished silver OR Topaz-champagne blend on burnished bronze. Hidden box and insert clasp. The Inspiration: This design springs from dazzling neon marquees of 1930s movie theatres--palaces of stylized architecture, with fabulous lighting inside and out. The exquisite detail and workmanship is a tribute to jewelry of that decade, when the Depression satisfied the appetite for diamond jewelry.with fabulous costume pieces.Enjoy learning more about 1920s Art Deco style on our blog...Shelley talks 1920s jewelry and design, click here: Art Deco: Angles and curves traveling at the speed of lifeThe highlights of Art Deco fashion, click here: Fashionable Flapper: Almost a 100 years later and still the bee's knees

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