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Art Deco Ruby Red Garnet Prism Pendant Necklace N936

Art Deco Ruby Red Garnet Prism Pendant Necklace N936

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This simple and elegant lavaliere style necklace joins geometric Art Deco links in a vee shape outline. Vintage bar chain and two graceful tapered bars lead to a faceted pendeloque crystal prism. Choice of clear or rubinite. Burnished bronze finish. Signed Sweet Romance USA.French influence in Art Deco style jewelry was considerable. Cartier designed avant garde jewels for free-spending affluent fashionistas. Meanwhile, other designers began to answer the frenzied demand for "costume" jewelry, creating a lucrative new division of the fashion industry.Enjoy learning more about 1920s Art Deco style on our blog...Shelley talks 1920s jewelry and design, click here: Art Deco: Angles and curves traveling at the speed of lifeThe highlights of Art Deco fashion, click here: Fashionable Flapper: Almost a 100 years later and still the bee's knees

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