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Mojave Turquoise Desert Ring
Mojave Turquoise Desert Ring
Mojave Turquoise Desert Ring

Mojave Turquoise Desert Ring

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Years ago, my dad and I would trek through the long, hot Mojave Desert to visit crumbling ghost towns, curio stands and trading posts. The dealers knew my dad loved old hand-worked trading jewelry and they saved aside unusual pieces for him to see first. Once he acquired a ring that seemed to confer the essence of the desert. In mixed metals, it held a turquoise oval surrounded with simple wildflowers set with coral. He put it on my index finger and told me not to lose it. But I did.

I designed this ring exactly as I remember the original. A turquoise oval in a vintage pronged setting is mounted in a border of flowers in burnished silver and bronze. This is the ring to call your summer souvenir.
Size: Adjustable band for sizes 6, 7, 8, and 9
Made at Sweet Romance, our Los Angeles studio.


For Sweet Romance jewelry, our finished product cannot possibly result from assembly line production.  Most designs require talent in various techniques, handling each piece one at a time. 


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