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Limited Edition Lily of the Valley Egg Box BX45 - sweetromanceonlinejewelry
Lily of the Valley Enamel Egg Box BX45
Lily of the Valley Enamel Egg Box BX45
Lily of the Valley Enamel Egg Box BX45

Lily of the Valley Enamel Egg Box BX45

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Graceful lily of the valley leaves and flowers arch over the top of the box. Both lid and bottom are engraved with a delicate Florentine vine. The leaves are enameled in springtime green and the lily blossoms are pearls. 1-3/4" L x 2" H  Hand made one at a time in our Los Angeles studio. Gift boxed. Free ship.

Lily of the Valley... This flower signifies the return of happiness and new beginnings. It's fragile bloom Preferred for the simplest of wedding bouquets, it is also legendary for appearing in grand royal bouquets.

And, now, the background story-- The Easter Egg Decorating Contest…

The first time I received recognition as an artist happened at the egg decorating contest in my town. Just before Easter, our local park hosted an annual contest for neighborhood children. What kid could pass up a chance to get gluey and glittery? Dozens of us packed the park's gymnasium, set up with work stations of paint, dyes, glitter, sequins and beads. 

Each child brought  their own egg to decorate. The one my mother gave me was a small, grade A sized egg, not much room to apply the ornamentation I imagined it would need. My friends set to work painting, gluing and then rolling their big AAA eggs in everything sparkly. Somewhat dispirited, I cut a scalloped paper cup bottom to elevate my little egg, which became a collar. Then I formed two slender rabbit ears from stiff white first aid tape. A girl bunny was taking shape.

I mixed paint to delicately rouge her cheeks and inside her ears. Then I illustrated her face, eyes and whiskers in brown and silver with a tiny brush. After tying a thin pink satin bow around her paper collar, "bunny girl" was finished. She looked bright and happy, but my egg didn't seem half as special as the others. Mine had no glitter, no sparkle and no sequins. On the judging table, lined with colorful entries, I placed my bunny egg toward the back.

When judging was finished, every entrant filed by the table to view all the eggs and awards. Second and third place honors were taken by several glitter-drenched masterpieces. And, astonishingly, right beside them was my Bunny Girl, sitting atop a blue satin first place ribbon.

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