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Enamel egg box with winged fairy wearing a daisy petal skirt.
Daisy Fairy Enamel Egg Box BX46
Daisy Fairy Enamel Egg Box BX46
Daisy Fairy Enamel Egg Box BX46

Daisy Fairy Enamel Egg Box BX46

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In the garden of small treasures and sweet dreams lives a tiny gossamer winged fairy. She delights in her dress of daisy petals and pink pointy-toed slippers. Her hair is encircled by a bandeau with an aurora gem at her forehead. You'll find her perched on a floral branch atop a jeweled egg. The egg is a box which opens along a serpentine curve traced in lemon crystal. Tiny Florentine engraving covers the surface, sprinkled with rose aurora crystal. A treasure that transmits joy every time you look at it. The perfect gift for someone very special to you.  ​​2-1/4" L x 1.75" H   Designed and hand made, one at a time, in our Los Angeles studio. Gift boxed. Free shipping. Order online or 800-935-1935

And, now, the background story...

​​​My best friend’s mom had the distinction of being the town Easter Bunny. She looked like the genuine article, except that her fur buttoned up in the back and her floppy ears were secured by strings tied under her chin. All the kids at the Egg Hunt awaited her arrival in her old blue Ford.

A trove of treats was already hidden in the wooded park, and the Hunt commenced with the youngest child. Since then, every Easter reawakens the marvel of brightly foiled chocolate eggs, chenille chicks, speckled malt eggs and that very special Easter Bunny with the painted-on whiskers. 

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