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Victorian Slide Bracelet
Victorian Slide Bracelet
Victorian Slide Bracelet
Victorian Slide Bracelet

Victorian Slide Bracelet

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During the Victorian era, slide bracelets were made from old keepsake
jewelry parts, stickpin heads, rings, small pins and buttons. They
became known as "slide" bracelets because of the movement of their
elements on a chain. Ours is a sequence of Victorian era jewelry parts,
enameled and set with colored crystal and vintage stones. Mounted on the
clasp is a tiny book locket. Conveying the keepsake melange of the
originals, it is finished in gold, silver and bronze. Note: The color of
the cameo in this bracelet may be either fawn or black. Made in our
Los Angeles studio. Signed. Trademark Sweet Romance USA.

When vintage looked back on the antique past...a little background...

Bracelets as fashion took hold in the early 1900s. McCalls magazine
commented that "novelty" bracelets had become acceptable ornaments for
daytime wear. The editor promoted gathering bits and bobs and mismatched
jewelry parts to string as bracelets and to share this pastime among
friends. She further remarked that slide bracelets served to "remind us
of the tastes and fashion of our grandmothers."

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