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Egyptian Serpent Snake Ring
Egyptian Serpent Snake Ring

Egyptian Serpent Snake Ring R530

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Our snake ring is in the form of a royal serpent with crystal eyes, a neck band of tiny crystal and a body detailed in enamel. Three dimensional, he rests gracefully upon an adjustable, comfortable ring band that fits sizes 6-9. Choice of bronze or silver finish. Shakespeare wrote "Be the innocent the serpent under it!" Produced in our Los Angeles studio. The snake has been a powerful symbol from the beginning of human history. The serpent goddess Wadjet was an early Egyptian deity. In the Garden of Eden, it is the serpent who creates the drama. The snake's dual symbolism of good and evil has been expressed through all cultures. The very first engagement ring ever presented was to Queen Victoria from Prince Albert. It was a snake, signifying eternal love and wisdom and the betrothal ring became a traditional token of marriage proposal. From our Artifacts Ring Collection featuring old world icons of beauty, mystery and a hint of magic. Enduring symbols of legend, inspiration and guidance, they connect past with present for this journey called life. Using traditional bench techniques, every ring is hand-fabricated with artistic sculptures,gemstones and crystal from our rich archive of jewelry artifacts.