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Zeus Destiny Ring
Zeus Destiny Ring R549
Zeus Destiny Ring R549

Zeus Destiny Ring R549

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Wear this ring to summon your courage to walk strong and purposefully every day. This wonderful image is that of Zeus, the mythic King of Greek Gods, king of order, of destiny, fate, law and order. His visage is flanked by the wings of an eagle to signify rising above the cares of the world. Mounted on sleek tapering vintage panels.

Adjustable band fits sizes 6 to 9. Ring top: 1-1/2" x 3/4"


Made in our Los Angeles studio.

From our Artifacts Ring Collection featuring old world icons of beauty, mystery and a hint of magic. Enduring symbols of legend, inspiration and guidance, they connect past with present for this journey called life. Using traditional bench techniques, every ring is hand-fabricated with artistic sculptures,gemstones and crystal from our rich archive of jewelry artifacts.

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