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Colorado Junction Necklace N377

Colorado Junction Necklace N377

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The oval floral is created from the mold of a "Peking" glass ornament that was originally mounted in a circa 1921 boudoir lamp. Colored for the look of stained ivory, it's mounted on a bezel with the border design, or "tracery" enameled in black.

This necklace is a spirit-filled and soul-stirring tribute to pioneer women, to cowgirls of the West, both the old and the new. Each design blends fashion with art and beauty with grit through exquisite sculptural details and production techniques. Premium leather and natural gemstones mingle with desert creatures, colors of the earth and symbols of life as a country gal. The perfect fit for a laid back, denim casual look infused with southwestern flavored drama. Copyright Ollipop, a division of Sweet Romance Jewelry Mfg.

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