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Elvira's Snake Bangle Gothic Bracelet
Elvira's Snake Bangle
Elvira's Snake Bangle Gothic Bracelet
Elvira's Snake Bangle Gothic Bracelet
Elvira's Snake Bangle Gothic Bracelet

Elvira's Snake Bangle Gothic Bracelet

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Channel The Mistress of the Dark with Elvira's Snake Bangle. This serpent is fully dimensional and exquisitely sculptured, available in your choice of bronze or silver. His slim, contoured body is 7.5" around, with a dusting of crystal on his head and mesmerizing, deepest blue crystal eyes to watch your every move. Feature him alone or camouflaged among other bracelets.

"Some women wear snakes to symbolize protection and strength. Some wear them to symbolize eternal love and wisdom and others wear serpents purely for fashion. Me? I wear this snake bracelet because the little guy reminds me of my pet snake, Dick. He grew much too large and I eventually had to retire him to a reptile zoo. I imagine he's enjoying hanging around somewhere..."   --Elvira

Every woman needs a touch of the dark side. Designer Shelley Cooper creates every piece of Sweet Romance jewelry with meticulous detail, high quality material and and. gorgeous construction. As the official partner of Elvira's jewelry collection, each piece of jewelry is perfected to be an exact replica of the Halloween Queens original. Blend Vamp glamour with timeless beauty.  

Objects of desire: the Elvira Jewelry Collection
Elvira's many fans and admirers frequently ask for advice on how to give their own look a little edge. Her secret is jewelry. Now, everyone's favorite Vamp brings her special brand of magic to women worldwide, conjuring up mystery, seduction and glamour. Her collaborator is American designer and manufacturer of world-class fashion jewels, Sweet Romance. Passion emanates from each piece, blending fascination of the dark side with timeless beauty. Mesmerizing sculptures, sophisticated silhouettes and quirky themes capture the essence of Elvira's signature style. Extraordinary artistry, imagination and hand craftsmanship make each piece unique, perfect for today... and all eternity.

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