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NEW! Limited Edition Elvira's Poison Bottles - Abundance - sweetromanceonlinejewelry

Elvira's Poison Bottle - Abundance

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Cast a spell to manifest change. Is it just for fun? Or, could it be something more? Could a ritual 100s of years old make a difference in your life today? This collection of potion bottles and little book of spells may translate the magic of your mind into the desires of your heart.

Crowned with different jewels, each potion bottle comes with Elvira's Little Book of Potions & Spells. This booklet contains precise ingredients for each potion to cast a spell upon the universe to achieve your heart's one true desire. Fill your bottle with any personal potion worth decanting, or treasure worth safeguarding.

New and indispensable to Elvira collectors, a veritable dispensary of her miniature potion bottles. Each is enrobed with a gothic filigree and sculptured skull and crossbones. Stoppers are crowned with jewel of choice. 3 styles available in silver. 3 styles available in bronze. The possibilities of what to fill them with is endless -- essential oils, liqueur, medicines, elixirs, stash, gems, teeth -- any personal potion worth decanting or treasure worth safeguarding.

Choose from potion bottle options below:
Intuition- Enrobed in silver with a jewel of heavenly blues
Healing- Enrobed in bronze with a jewel of cobalt blues
Abundance- Enrobed in silver with a jewel of money mint green
Power- Enrobed in bronze with a jewel of topaz burning flame
Peace- Enrobed in silver with a jewel of glowing opal
Love- Enrobed in bronze with a jewel of mystical purple