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Art Deco Chinoiserie Earrings E1199
Art Deco Chinese Rose Screen Vintage Earrings
Art Deco Chinoiserie Earrings E1199

Art Deco Chinoiserie Earrings E1199

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These art deco Chinese style earrings feature tiny plum blossoms and enamel leaves wrapping a Tang Dynasty crystal border. Vintage blue luster glass ovals illuminate the interior over black enamel. Premium crystal fills the borders. The panel is joined to the art deco post to create subtle movement. Burnished bronze.  1.75" x 0.5" Post style. Made at Sweet Romance Jewelry in our Los Angeles studio. Order online or 800-935-1935.  

Chinoiserie is a French word meaning "in the Chinese style." It is partly historical with strong overlays of artistic interpretation melding Chinese motifs with the angular lines of the 1920s, an era devoted to interpreting and adopting Oriental design in fashion and the decorative arts

The meaning of the flowers: The little plum blossoms have five petals symbolizing each of the five blessings--longevity, prosperity, health, honor, and good living.

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