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Vintage Midcentury Aurora Glamour Necklace in Bronze  N1156-PA
Vintage Glamour Necklace
Vintage Midcentury Aurora Glamour Necklace in Bronze  N1156-PA

Vintage Midcentury Aurora Glamour Necklace in Bronze N1156-PA

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Here, I present an interlocking sequence of dimensional links that showcase vintage crystal in aurora-kissed rose, pale amethyst and topaz. These are authentic vintage crystal stones in perfect, unopened condition, created in the 1950s.. Burnished bronze finish. 20" (51cm) length. Attach the clasp anywhere along the circle links to the length you prefer for different looks. Option is the necklace plus a detachable 6" extender of the same linkage as the necklace. Made in our Los Angeles studio.

Links to coordinating pieces:  the bracelet,  the earrings

Designed to give you the silhouette and color palette of the fab '50s, when the glimmer of aurora borealis stones became the central to every other fashion article. "Aurora Borealis," the rainbow effect developed for crystal, was named for the natural wonder of the polar lights. 

the background story...

I remember an early shopping adventure with my mother at a May Company department store for a jewelry sale. Women were gathered around a mirror-topped gilt display cart, heaped with gleaming sparkling costume treasures. Ladies removed their gloves to better manage necklace clasps, brooch catches and clip-ons. They smilingly aided each other’s search for matching pieces. The mélange of jewelry--the work of iconic midcentury designers, coupled with women who found style and camaraderie in selecting it and wearing it, made a lifelong impression on me.

Decades later, as I began the design and production of Sweet Romance Jewelry, I chose to utilize the very same methods and techniques that put American jewelry at the center stage of fashion through the 20th century.

Yes, I know that each passing decade of mass produced “ready-to-wear” finally idled home sewing machines. And, sadly, boat loads of imported trinket jewelry clouded over the market’s perception of quality costume jewels.

But then, in the 1980s, “vintage” took hold. There was recognition and yearning for the artistry, materials and construction in jewels of the past. Through Sweet Romance, I continue addressing that desire with designs that reflect the stylistic soul of past eras.

Fashion never rests. But, what appears to be innovation is just the current iteration of time-honed silhouettes, patterns and colors of the last century.


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