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Art Deco Ice Necklace  N451
Art Deco Diamond Harlequin Wedding Necklace
Art Deco Ice Necklace  N451

Art Deco Ice Necklace N451

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The Art Deco Ice necklace blends a combination of circular and linear elements. It features detailed metalwork settings and borders that convey the style of jewelry that began the 1930s. It is entirely set in premium crystal. Vintage bar chain adds to the magic, convincing the eye of vintage treasure.  Burnished .925 silver finish imparts a serene elegance. This could be a splendid wedding necklace or add soft sparkle to any outfit. Made at Sweet Romance in our Los Angeles studio. Free shipping. 

 The inspiration: The decades of the 1920s and 30s saw the dawn of commercial fashion. In a new world defined by Hollywood glamour, clothing designers made it possible for even the average woman to revel in the latest styles. Jewelry designers crossed over from diamonds to rhinestones, creating the rage for wearing sparkling jewelry, both day and night. 

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