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Crystal Zodiac Statement Necklace N501-BZ

Crystal Zodiac Statement Necklace

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The entire zodiac, all twelve signs of the sun chart are featured in this premium crystal statement necklace. Luscious large stones surround each astrological mini medallion, forming an expressive, symbolic collar. Crystal color palette represents the elements of earth and water. Deep topaz surrounds Capricorn, Sagittarius and Taurus. Leaf green surrounds Virgo, Libra and Gemini. Deep aqua surrounds Leo and Cancer. Sun topaz surrounds Aries and Aquarius. Deep sapphire surrounds Pisces and Scorpio. A tiny spray of crystal shadow stones brings each link to life. Wearing the entire sun chart is a fashion statement of the 1970s and this collar is an intriguing piece of jewelry. Try it with a chic black sweater or understate it with jeans or leather. Made in our Los Angeles studios and signed Sweet Romance Jewelry,