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Vintage Satin Glass Tulips Necklace
Satin Tulips Necklace N144 - SIL - Silver
Vintage Satin Glass Tulips Necklace
Vintage Satin Glass Tulips Necklace
Vintage Satin Glass Tulips Necklace

Vintage Satin Glass Tulips Necklace

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On this enchanting necklace, satin glass tulips bloom from the stems and leaves of eight sculptured links. The tulips are handmade in the same process as when they originally appeared in the 1940s. Their satiny finish reflects light as a soft glow which travels through each sculptured flower. Softly luminous and dreamlike, tulips express the bliss of springtime. 19" long. Entirely made in our Los Angeles studio.

PASTEL The tulips are pale lavender, amethyst, aqua and sky blue with crystal accents in peridot, light sapphire and lilac. On burnished silver. Beads have a slight iridescence on satiny lilac color.

WHITE The tulips are satiny white with seed pearl accents. On bronze. Beads are 6mm premium white cultura.

­­­Note from Shelley: Molded glass flowers began as experimental elements in small factories of Czechoslovakia in the 1930s. Intervening war years either suspended or forever closed most producers of decorative glass arts. Then, after WWII, several workshops sputtered alive again, turning out beads and jewelry elements with artistic forms and finishes. Post war fashion took a dramatic turn from structured suits to light feminine silhouettes. Floral print silk dresses and jewelry were the rage. At the time, during the 1940s, my great Aunt Etta and her best friend Ann had a ready-to-wear "frock shop" in the Chicago Loop. Their tiny shop featured print silk dresses and floral jewelry to accessorize them. Decades later, my aunt still had a few favorite "numbers" from the AnnEtte dress shop, including glass tulip earrings which delighted the eyes of 8 year old me. It is from that inspiration that my contemporary tulip ensemble originated.

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