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Art Deco Vintage Hollywood Crystal Necklace N1102
Art Deco Vintage Hollywood Crystal Necklace N1102 - sweetromanceonlinejewelry

Art Deco Vintage Hollywood Crystal Necklace N1102

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The design of this art deco necklace is pure vintage Hollywood. Premium crystal baguette and round cut stones arch into graceful curlicue links, creating a traveling pattern of light that subtly moves with every breath you take. The style of this slinky, geometric necklace can be recognized in silent films on legendary stars such as Greta Garbo, Clara Bow and Mary Pickford. Art deco style is feminine and sophisticated. Old Hollywood glamour has never lapsed because the art deco continues to be regarded and admired as modernist. Movies such as Gatsby, Cafe Society and the TV series Downton Abbey are loved for their period costuming as much as for their storylines.

This necklace might fill the starring role in jewelry for your retro or modern wedding! It is offered in your choice of crystal on burnished silver or deep sapphire blue on burnished bronze. Made in our Los Angeles studios and signed Sweet Romance USA. 

The inspiration: On Hollywood Boulevard, there is a buzzing neon sign that traces silvery white illuminated curlicues skyward into the night sky. Then it goes dark, flickers on and gradually illuminates the curlicues once again. Watching it repeat its decades old, yet still captivating act prompted the idea for this jewelry design. 

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