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Set of 3 Vintage Bee Pins Exotic Blues P5280
Set of 3 Vintage Bee Pins Exotic Blues P5280-BL

Set of 3 Vintage Bee Pins Exotic Blues P5280-BL

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Created in our studio, these charming bee pins are offered in a set of three. Dimensional and ornamented with quality Swarovski crystal and vintage glass elements in shades of Ocean Luster, Foil Azure art glass, Starlight, Sapphire and Midnight Blue. Finished in 14K gold. Each has a safety catch pin back.  Largest Bee is 1.25" L x 1.25" W   Smaller Bees are 1" L x 1"  


Create a scatter pin statement along your neckline or on your denim collar. Wear them on your hat or let them parade across your shoulder to sparkle in the sunshine and bring a sparkle of cheer to your day. Bees are thought to symbolize women in accomplishing the near impossible. Their form doesn't seem to support the aerodynamics of their flight and their industriousness is incredible. Could that describe you or someone you admire? Let these fabulous worker bees assist your daily tasks and lift your mood! Go ahead--give each one of these little fellas a royal order...