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Monarch Butterfly & Onyx Flower Bracelet
Monarch Butterfly & Onyx Flower Bracelet BR255

Monarch Butterfly & Onyx Flower Bracelet BR255

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A cuff bracelet of artistic excellence and profound meaning, the subjectåÊis the Monarch Butterfly. Their exotic coloration wins our immediate attention. They drift and dance, appearing fragile as gauze. Yet theyåÊaccomplish metamorphosis and long migrations within their short lives.åÊThe butterfly is a metaphor for life's transitions and transformations. They remind us to live for today, with grace and purpose.


Fit 7 to 8" wrists

On this bracelet, a pair of Monarch butterflies perch on either sideåÊof a carved onyx flower. The cuff is an etched floral tapering band. The butterflies are mounted to appear as if they just alighted, their wings enameled in sunset coral, orange and black. A large hand-carved onyx flower is set in an elevated double border with turquoise accents.
Finished in burnished bronze. Signed Sweet Romance.