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Lucky Horseshoe Birthstone Necklace N1238 | Sweet Romance Cancer Zodiac Earrings E1241-CN | Sweet Romance
Faceted Crystal Pear Earrings E1180 | Sweet Romance Garnet Faceted Crystal Pear Earrings E1180 | Sweet Romance
Swarovski Crystal Dainty Birthstone Earrings | Sweet Romance Swarovski Crystal  Birthstone Stacking Rings
Swarovski Crystal Solitaire Birthstone Pendant Necklace Sapphire Crystal Sun Sign Zodiac Statement Earrings E501-BZ | Sweet Romance
Zodiac Pendant Necklace | Sweet Romance Zodiac Earrings | Sweet Romance
Zodiac Earrings
Price: $27.00
Leo Zodiac Earrings E1241-LE | Sweet Romance Virgo Zodiac Earrings E1241-VR | Sweet Romance
Zodiac Bangle | Sweet Romance Lucky Horseshoe Birthstone Bangle | Sweet Romance
Zodiac Bangle
Price: $27.00
Retro Zodiac Coin Pendant Necklaces N1245 | Sweet Romance

Zodiac & Birthstone Jewelry

Jewelry displays more than style, it is the accessory we choose to represent ourselves to the world. The crystal birthstone rings, bracelets and pendants, as well as the zodiac jewelry from American designer and Sweet Romance, are expertly designed with artistry and hand-craftsmanship.

Birthstone jewelry conjures feelings of love and nostalgia within our own lives and for those closest to us. The birthstone stacking rings, for example, can be worn to symbolize children, siblings or best friends. Astrology and horoscope jewelry, on the other hand, embodies our truest selves and our fates according to the stars. Zodiac pendants, earrings and bangles depict personal signs and related art. Birthstone and zodiac jewelry is inspirational, leading us back to our truest selves and assuring us of our destined paths.