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French Regency Crystal Necklace | Sweet Romance Victorian Garnet Sweetheart Necklace N958 | Sweet Romance
Audette Necklace
Price: $105.00
Victorian Garnet Earrings E958 | Sweet Romance 1950s Vogue Collar Necklace and Earrings Set
Autumn Haze Necklace | Sweet Romance Antique Style Rings Charm Bracelet | Sweet Romance
Autumn Haze Necklace
Price: $146.00
Cameo Intaglio Ring R135 | Sweet Romance Antique Blue Glass & Enamel Tassel Necklace N1571| Sweet Romance
Cameo Intaglio Ring
Price: $34.00
Squirrel's Harvest Bracelet BR648 | Sweet Romance Squirrel's Harvest Charm Necklace N1613 | Sweet Romance
Delicate Victorian Garnet Bangle Bracelet BR356-BZ | Sweet Romance Delicate Victorian Cryal Bangle Bracelet BR356-SIL | Sweet Romance
Crystal Cherries Jubilee Bracelet | Sweet Romance Vintage Jadeite Ring R132 | Sweet Romance
Garnet Crystal Bar Cuff Bracelet Set | Sweet Romance Art Deco Crystal Enamel Fringe Earrings E782 | Sweet Romance
D'vine Earrings E1186-SIL | Sweet Romance Vintage Finger Rings Necklace N1091
D'vine Earrings
Price: $45.00
Royal Renaissance Canterbury Bracelet BR636 | Sweet Romance Pastel Jeweled Bee Bracelet BR310-PA | Sweet Romance
Price $132.00
Art Deco Crystal Enamel Fringe Flapper Necklace N782 | Sweet Romance Art Deco Crystal Enamel Fringe Earrings E782 | Sweet Romance
Pegasus Ring R539 | Sweet Romance Princess Rose Cameo Pin P429 | Sweet Romance
Pegasus Ring
Price: $20.00
Plume Deco Barrette Victorian Slide Bracelet | Sweet Romance
Plume Deco Barrette
Price: $29.00
Delphine Jet Intaglio Bracelet | Sweet Romance Thames Necklace | Sweet Romance
Crystal Pear Vintage Victorian Teardrop Necklace | Sweet Romance Faceted Glass Oval Intaglio Ring

Vintage Style Designer Jewelry

At Sweet Romance, we aim to create vintage jewelry that will make you feel beautiful with compelling and artistic design. We’ve blended the essence of various vintage jewelry eras with fashion-forward tastes to create our exclusive fine vintage jewelry collection. Every piece of vintage jewelry begins as a sketch by Shelley, then sculpted and tooled by the artists in our Los Angeles studio before being hand finished with exquisite detail. Unlike other fashion jewelry, our techniques require high artistic skill in drawing, sculpture and ornamentation. Because of our high-quality and exceptional designs, our jewelry collections have been featured on QVC and in Elle, Cosmo, Vogue and other leading fashion industry magazines. Vogue has called Shelley’s designs “breathtaking” and Women’s Wear Daily declared Sweet Romance “the continuation of the American legacy of costume jewelry.”

We invite you to browse vintage necklaces and earrings, along with our antique style rings and bracelets, to discover one-of-a-kind treasures. Sweet Romance is your source for unforgettable antique vintage jewelry gifts. We back our collection with superior customer service and a lifetime warranty on every piece.