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Amazonite Gemstone Ring R131 | Sweet Romance Audette Ring R1122 | Sweet Romance
Audette Ring
Price: $45.00
Aurora Moon Ring R423 | Sweet Romance Baja Garden Ring R290 | Sweet Romance
Aurora Moon Ring
Price: $34.00
Baja Garden Ring
Price: $32.00
On Sale: $18.00
Bird Coin Ring R547 | Sweet Romance Blue Goddess Vintage Egyptian Ring R568 | Sweet Romance
Bird Coin Ring
Price: $34.00
Blue Lava Square Ring R411-LV | Sweet Romance Blue Shell and Jadeite Windflower Ring R107 | Sweet Romance
Blue Lava Square Ring
Price $29.00
On Sale: $14.00
Blue Shell and Jadeite Windflower Ring
Price: $38.00
On Sale: $18.00
Camellia Floria Rings R288 | Sweet Romance Camellia Flower Ring R339 | Sweet Romance
Camellia Floria Rings
Price $32.00
On Sale: $14.00
Camellia Flower Ring
Price: $31.00
On Sale: $15.00
Camellia Ring R103 | Sweet Romance Cameo Intaglio Ring R135 | Sweet Romance
Camellia Ring
Price $32.99
On Sale: $14.00
Cameo Intaglio Ring
Price: $34.00
Cat Sculpture Ring R528 | Sweet Romance Celebrity Ring R190 | Sweet Romance
Cat Sculpture Ring
Price: $34.00
On Sale: $22.00
Celebrity Ring
Price $27.00
On Sale: $12.00
Celtic Sun and Star Ring R560 | Sweet Romance Circle Jewel Ring R555 | Sweet Romance
Circle Jewel Ring
Price: $34.00
Compass Ring R545 | Sweet Romance Coral and Turquoise Starflower Ring R112 | Sweet Romance
Compass Ring
Price: $34.00
Coral and Turquoise Starflower Ring
Price: $35.00
On Sale: $15.00
Crystal Flower Ring R406-CR | Sweet Romance Crystal Geometry Ring R1180 | Sweet Romance
Crystal Flower Ring
Price: $27.00
On Sale: $15.00
Crystal Medallion Ring R404 | Sweet Romance Crystal Oval Ring R403 | Sweet Romance
Crystal Medallion Ring
Price $38.00
On Sale: $15.00
Crystal Oval Ring
Price $38.00
On Sale: $15.00
Daisy Flower Rings R377 | Sweet Romance Desert Gypsy Flower Ring R312 | Sweet Romance
Daisy Flower Rings
Price: $35.00
On Sale: $15.00
Desert Gypsy Flower Ring
Price $42.00
On Sale: $16.00
Desert Gypsy Ring R525 | Sweet Romance Dolphin Sea Life Ring R476 | Sweet Romance
Desert Gypsy Ring
Price: $72.00
On Sale: $35.00
DISCONTINUED | Sweet Romance Egyptian Serpent Snake Ring R530 | Sweet Romance
Dragonfly Ring
Price $48.00
Elizabethan Ruby Ring | Sweet Romance Elvira's Magic Ruby Ring | Sweet Romance
Elizabethan Ruby Ring
Price: $31.00
On Sale: $16.00

Fashion Statement Rings

For parties, events or even just to spice up your normal jewelry routine, statement rings are a must in every wardrobe. A designer statement ring lets your creativity and personality shine through your personal style. Sweet Romance offers an unparalleled collection of vintage statement rings that fit every taste and occasion, always crafted from the finest materials. Many of our rings are also adjustable, allowing you add style and sass without any risk of choosing the wrong size. Adjustable bands make rings easy to wear and gift when you don't know someone's ring size.

Conceived with hand illustration and meticulously crafted in Los Angeles, designer Shelley Cooper and her team of talented artists create jewelry that is eye-catchingly beautiful and truly one of a kind. Select a gemstone statement ring made from real natural stone, or a cameo ring set created with traditional bench techniques used over centuries of jewelry making. Whatever you choose, Sweet Romance’s heartfelt purpose is to create beautifully crafted jewelry that allows you to express yourself and feel inspired on a daily basis.

From glamourous to gothic, Sweet Romance offers styles of fashion statement rings for every personality and occasion. Bold beauty is at your fingertips.