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Art Deco Mid Century Modern Slinky Hoop Earrings E1376 | Sweet Romance Carousel Animal Earrings E240
Sea Stars Crystal Earrings E1349 | Sweet Romance Crystal Prism Earrings E297 | Sweet Romance
Elvira's Bat Hoop Earrings in Silver and Bronze by Sweet Romance Lily of the Valley Art Nouveau Pearl Flower Wedding Earrings E586 | Sweet Romance
Elvira's Bat Hoop Earrings
List Price: $39.00
Price: $39.00
Art Deco Vee Baguette Crystal Earrings E763 | Sweet Romance Retro 1950s Starlight Earrings
Retro 1950s Starlight Earrings
List Price: $24.00
Price: $49.00
Elvira's Spellbound Clip Earrings | Sweet Romance Elvira's Spellbound Crystal Earrings | Sweet Romance
Vintage Glass Deco Earrings E1231 Iridescent Pyramid Mosaic Egyptian Earrings
Sapphire Crystal Sun Sign Zodiac Statement Earrings E501-BZ | Sweet Romance Crystal Caterpillar and Millefiori Glass Statement Earrings E501-BZ | Sweet Romance
Navette Vine Earrings E415 | Sweet Romance Triple Satin Tulips Earrings E145 | Sweet Romance
Art Deco Vintage Green Jade Glass Triangle Earrings E1095 | Sweet Romance Crystal Loop Earrings E1154 | Sweet Romance
Royale Earrings | Sweet Romance Griffin Earrings | Sweet Romance
Royale Earrings
Price: $48.00
Griffin Earrings
Price: $59.00
Old Czech Drop Earrings E1365 | Sweet Romance Winding Leaves Earrings | Sweet Romance
Fiesta Roses Earrings - ONLY 9 LEFT! | Sweet Romance Rose Collar Earrings E1501 | Sweet Romance
Cherries Jubilee Earrings E188 | Sweet Romance Jewel Loop Earrings | Sweet Romance
Jewel Loop Earrings
Price: $49.00
Retro Trellis Earrings E1221 | Sweet Romance 1970s Spiral of Love Earrings E1363 | Sweet Romance
Silver and Black Retro Trellis Earrings E1221 | Sweet Romance Harmony Hoops Beaded Earrings E1319 | Sweet Romance

Statement Earrings

Whether you’re feeling glamorous or whimsical, old Hollywood or bohemian, a pair of designer statement earrings can upgrade any look. Nobody knows this fact better than Sweet Romance designer Shelley Cooper, who masterfully creates a wide variety of vintage statement earrings alongside a team of artists in her Los Angeles studio.

When choosing jewelry to frame your beautiful face, you only want high quality materials. That’s why Sweet Romance jewelry is crafted out of genuine bronze, silver and gold, natural semi-precious stones, natural pearls, and Swarovski crystals. Shelley’s extensive collection of vintage gemstones allows her to create a repertoire of colorful statement earrings, perfect for adding a pop to your look. So when looking for jewelry to add to your favorite breezy summer ensemble or your fanciest black tie attire, look no further than a pair of fun statement earrings from Sweet Romance. Scroll through our selection – you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for.