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Photo Box Necklace N316 | Sweet Romance Crochet Beaded Seahorse Necklace N1366 | Sweet Romance
Rosarita Ocean Flower Crystal Pendant Necklace N1301-SIL | Sweet Romance Elvira's Cat on a Crystal Ball Necklace | Halloween Jewelry
Cathedral Turquoise Cross Necklace | Sweet Romance "You mean the world to me" Necklace | Sweet Romance
Lucky Horseshoe Birthstone Necklace N1238 | Sweet Romance Cheshire Cat Sculpture Pedant Necklace N1439 | Sweet Romance
Art Deco Aurora Shell Ocean Pendant Necklace N1274 | Sweet Romance Crystal Seashell Deco Necklace | Sweet Romance
Boho Jet Cross Necklace N1408 | Sweet Romance Mermaid Sculpture and Pearl Pendant Necklace N1494 - Silver | Sweet Romance
Crystal Beaded Starfish Necklace N1364 | Sweet Romance Hermosa Beach beads Seashell Necklace N1367 | Sweet Romance
Mermaid Sculpture and Pearl Pendant Necklace N1494 - Bronze | Sweet Romance Elvira's Vampire Bat Necklace N119
Elvira's Mystical Crystal Snake Necklace Pastel Butterfly Pendant Necklace
Millefiori Glass Dragonfly Pendant Necklace | Sweet Romance Druzy Crystal Pendant Necklace
I am Yours, You are Mine Pendant Necklace N1250 | Sweet Romance Southwest Heart Necklace - ONLY 2 LEFT! | Sweet Romance
Pyrite Crystal Rocks Pendant Necklace N121 | Sweet Romance Vintage Opal Glass Pendant Necklace N3156 | Sweet Romance
Art Deco New York City Vintage Necklace N1341 | Sweet Romance Long Marquise Necklace | Sweet Romance
British Regalia Cross Necklace Swarovski Crystal Solitaire Birthstone Pendant Necklace
Maui Mermaid Necklace | Sweet Romance Hawaii Starfish Necklace N1552 | Sweet Romance

Fashion Pendants

A pendant is more than a final touch to an outfit – it’s a statement, a bold representation of personal identity. With Sweet Romance’s collection of exquisite and extraordinary vintage pendant necklaces, you can find the exact piece to fit your style and self-expression. Represent yourself with a one-of-a-kind piece, handcrafted from pure pewter, genuine gold and silver, Swarovski crystals and semiprecious stones. You won’t find fashion pendants more finely crafted and unique than those from Sweet Romance.

Perhaps you’re channeling a 1920s flapper with a fine pearl and crystal pendant, or perhaps you’re looking to add glamour to your wardrobe with a shimmering gemstone pendant. Whomever you want to be, designer Shelley Cooper has created the piece for you. Sweet Romance promises to create jewelry that delivers on style, self-expression and feeling beautiful. Choose a pendant necklace that represents who you are, and see why Vogue declared Sweet Romance’s jewelry “breathtaking.”