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Art Nouveau Silver Locket N1582 | Sweet Romance Enamel Vintage Silver Locket
Pearl & Crystal Bronze Locket N1573 | Sweet Romance Rosaline Art Glass Silver Locket N1574 | Sweet Romance
Vintage Star Sapphire Silver Locket N1575 | Sweet Romance Swallow In Flight Silver Locket N1576 | Sweet Romance
Sweet Heart Silver Locket N1577 | Sweet Romance Heather Heart Silver Locket N1579 | Sweet Romance
Primroses Silver Locket N1580 | Sweet Romance Victoria Cameo Locket N1581 | Sweet Romance
Victorian Rosette Silver Locket N1583 | Sweet Romance Teal Intaglio Book Locket N1584 | Sweet Romance
Jet Crystal Rosette Locket N1586 | Sweet Romance Morning Glory Bronze Locket N1587 | Sweet Romance
Blue Intaglio Book Locket N1588 | Sweet Romance Wreath Locket Necklace  SR_N1537 | Sweet Romance
Cameo Locket Choker Necklace Taos Locket Triple Strand Necklace | Sweet Romance
Bird Locket on Victorian Chain | Sweet Romance Intaglio Locket on Victorian Chain Necklace | Sweet Romance
Watch Locket Necklace | Sweet Romance Swallow Bird Locket on Boho Beads Necklace N1357 | Sweet Romance
Vintage Clover Locket Necklace N1394 | Sweet Romance Victorian GF Heart Locket Necklace VV_N101 | Sweet Romance
Vintage Clover Locket Necklace N1394
Price: $108.00
On Sale: $81.00
Biker Coors Beer Can and Heart Locket Charm Necklace N313 | Sweet Romance Purrrson Cat Locket Necklace N909 | Sweet Romance

Locket Necklaces

Hold what is dearest to you close to your heart. With Sweet Romance’s collection of photo locket necklaces, photos of your loved ones can be kept at your fingertips in a case designed with all the care and delicate beauty your dearest deserves.

These beautiful designer lockets are produced in Los Angeles by designer Shelley Cooper and her team of skilled artists. Each locket is conceived in hand illustration and sculptured using the finest materials. Enjoy a genuine silver locket, a real gold locket or even a gemstone locket for a touch of antique romance. Whatever your taste, you won’t find a piece of jewelry that incorporates modern style and vintage essence better than a locket necklace from Sweet Romance. Nothing says “I love you” like a photo in a heart locket. Wow your sweetheart with a vintage locket necklace crafted by Sweet Romance. You know she deserves the best.