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Objects of desire: the Elvira Jewelry Collection

Many have tried to emulate the edgy look of Elvira. However, dark as night, voluminous hair, black dresses and vampy makeup will only get you so far. The secret to creating a classic Elvira look is with “Mistress of the Dark” jewelry, the Official Elvira Jewelry Collection. Everyone's favorite Vamp collaborated with American designer and manufacturer of world-class fashion jewels, Sweet Romance, to bring Elvira’s special brand of magic to women worldwide. Gothic earrings, cameo necklaces, bold bracelets, structural rings and crystal pins conjure up mystery, seduction and glamour.

Passion emanates from each piece as Sweet Romance designer Shelley Cooper joined forces with Elvira to blend fascination of the dark side with timeless beauty. Mesmerizing sculptures, sophisticated silhouettes and quirky themes capture the essence of Elvira’s signature style. Extraordinary artistry, imagination and hand-craftsmanship make each piece unique, perfect for today and all eternity.

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Elvira's Magic Ruby Ring | Sweet Romance Elvira's Gothic Jewel Bracelet | Sweet Romance
Elvira's Gothic Earring Trio | Sweet Romance Elvira's Spellbound Clip Earrings | Sweet Romance
Elvira's Spellbound Crystal Earrings | Sweet Romance Elvira's Gothic Jewel Collar Necklace | Sweet Romance
Elvira's Gothic Jewel Cross Necklace | Sweet Romance Elvira's Spellbound Crystal Necklace | Sweet Romance
Elvira's Cat on a Crystal Ball Necklace | Halloween Jewelry Elvira's Transylvania Cameo Necklace N118 | Sweet Romance
Elvira's Queen Bee Pin Trio P100 Elvira's Stacking Ring Set: Bat, Heart, Snake | Sweet Romance
Elvira's Gothic Ring Trio R102 Elvira's Skull & Crossbones Ring | Sweet Romance
Elvira's Vampire Bat Bracelet | Sweet Romance Elvira's Vampire Bat Necklace N119
Elvira's Serpent Earrings Elvira's Baby Snakes Necklace
Elvira's Snake Bangle Bracelet | Sweet Romance Elvira's Mystic Crystal Snake Earrings
Elvira's Creepy Crawlers Bracelet | Sweet Romance Elvira's Mystical Crystal Snake Necklace
Halloween and Goth Jewelry Collection

Elvira Mistress of the Dark Jewelry

Spice up your look with the Elvira Jewelry Collection. Sweet Romance, the officially licensed manufacturer and distributor of Elvria's goth jewelry, offers gothic necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings for fans of the Mistress of the Dark and all things spooky and macabre. You'll find your favorite Elvira jewelry designs in finishes of antiqued silver, burnished bronze and black gunmetal. Go ahead and rock a bat necklace with that little black dress. Wear an edgy skull or bat bracelet with those jeans. Give your usual weekend outfit a hint of seduction and mystery with a set of gothic crystal stacking rings. Channel the inner vampire in you with the Elvira jewelry collection!