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Elizabethan Feline Cat Pin

Elizabethan Feline Cat Pin by Sweet Romance P222

Price: $62.00
Size: Height: 3.25" Width: 1.75"

Product Code: SR_P222

Cats are regal. Is it just their nature? Or, are they truly independent thinkers and sure-footed in most of life’s situations? Cats always seem to know who can be trusted and who to ignore. They always know when to arrive, accomplish everything with grace and dignity, and then, leave on time. Theirs is an orderly and intentional rule over our domiciles and our hearts. We hope that our efforts on their behalf gain us the royal indulgence of a purr or a soft nuzzle. This pin is a tribute to kitty, in 15th century jewels and crown. She wears a stiff lace collar, which was popularized by Queen Elizabeth I.

Many elements of the Elizabethan Feline are struck from antique metal dies. The pin is fabricated entirely by hand and is accented in vintage and new Swarovski crystal. It delivers a whimsical spin on a stylish and beloved subject. Finished in burnished bronze.

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