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Cameo & Intaglio jewelry at Sweet Romance showcases the centuries old art form of carved or incised romantic classical images and antique silhouettes.
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French Intaglio Bracelet | Sweet Romance Faceted Glass Oval Intaglio Ring
Oval Intaglio Ring
Price: $69.00
Elvira's Transylvania Cameo Necklace N118 | Sweet Romance Princess Rose Cameo Pin P429 | Sweet Romance
Cameo Intaglio Ring R135 | Sweet Romance Forest Green Intaglio & Pearl Necklace | Sweet Romance
Cameo Intaglio Ring
Price: $34.00
Victoria Cameo Locket N1581 | Sweet Romance Teal Intaglio Book Locket N1584 | Sweet Romance
Amethyst Purple Book Locket N1588 | Sweet Romance French Bronze & Silver Links Bracelet | Sweet Romance
Cameo Locket Choker Necklace Amalie Intaglio Bracelet | Sweet Romance
Amethyst Glass Intaglio Tassel Necklace N1396 | Sweet Romance Balmoral Slide Bracelet | Sweet Romance
Victorian Slide Bracelet | Sweet Romance Victorian Slide Bracelet BR105 - 7.25" (standard) | Sweet Romance
Amethia Bracelet BR533 | Sweet Romance Intaglio Floral Bracelet | Sweet Romance
Vintage Black Cameo Earrings E1371-CA | Sweet Romance Vintage Jet Cameo Bracelet | Sweet Romance
Florentine Intaglio Earrings | Sweet Romance Delphine Round Glass Intaglio Earrings
Crystal Fan Oval Intaglio Earrings Delphine Intaglio Necklace | Sweet Romance
Vintage Jet Cameo Necklace N1383 | Sweet Romance Akantha Long Glass Intaglio Necklace
Vintage Cameo Fob Necklace | Sweet Romance Chevalier Necklace | Sweet Romance
Chevalier Necklace
Price: $111.00
Auvergne Cross Pendant Necklace | Sweet Romance Intaglio Locket on Victorian Chain Necklace | Sweet Romance

Antique Cameo & Intaglio Jewelry

A jewelry trend that has stayed relevant for generations, neoclassical-era jewelry has a timeless beauty that brings a sense of history and extravagance to any outfit. Donít be surprised if someone mistakes such jewelry as a family heirloom. Vintage cameo necklaces and antique cameo rings carry an air of importance while also fitting surprisingly well within almost any womanís wardrobe. Paired with a plain T-shirt and jeans, cameo jewelry provides a style of at-ease elegance. Worn with a beautiful dress, the same accessories add a special and refined element.

The glass intaglio and vintage cameo jewelry from Sweet Romance is expertly designed and produced by artists in Los Angeles. Antique cameo and intaglio jewelry are works of art. Cameos depict small scenes or individuals, which are carved into glass and other materials so that the image is raised. Whereas cameos are raised, intaglios are carved down into the material so that the image is recessed.