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Elvira's Spellbound Crystal Necklace | Sweet Romance Baroque Pearl and Flower Necklace
Silver Opal Lily Necklace Silver Flower Chain Necklace N1530
Silver Crystal Bar Necklace by Sweet Romance Navette Crystal Vine Necklace N415 | Sweet Romance
Satin Glass Leaves Necklace | Sweet Romance Gypsy Lace Crystal Wedding Collar Necklace | Sweet Romance
Caroline Bronze Magnifier Necklace | Sweet Romance Satin Tulips Wedding Necklace and Earring Set | Sweet Romance
Marie Antoinette Wedding Necklace | Sweet Romance Grand Crystal Wedding Necklace | Sweet Romance
Satin Tulips Necklace | Sweet Romance Lily of the Valley Necklace | Sweet Romance
Mid-Century Glam Necklace and Earrings Set | Sweet Romance Art Deco 52" Knotted Long Pearl Rope Necklace N541 | Sweet Romance
Victorian Lavaliere Necklace N1035 | Sweet Romance Vogue Corsage Pin P601-CR | Sweet Romance
Art Deco Aurora Scallop Shell Ocean Necklace N1267 | Sweet Romance Art Deco Vintage Arabesque Wedding Necklace | Sweet Romance
Jewel Loop Necklace | Sweet Romance Art Deco Vintage Hollywood Crystal Necklace | Sweet Romance
Jewel Loop Necklace
Price: $65.00
1950s Vogue Collar Necklace | Sweet Romance Art Deco Prism Teardrop Wedding Necklace N1309 | Sweet Romance
Druzy Pendant Necklace N1331 | Sweet Romance Art Deco Aurora Shell Ocean Pendant Necklace N1274 | Sweet Romance
Pointe Flower Long Pendant Necklace N1277 | Sweet Romance Pointe Flower Double Strand Necklace N1278 | Sweet Romance
Crystal Bow Pearl Necklace N1296 | Sweet Romance Laguna Beach Pearl Necklace N1380 | Sweet Romance

Classic Wedding Necklaces

Selecting a bridal necklace is a significant and meaningful decision to complete your wedding day outfit. Some brides choose to wear family heirlooms or necklaces worn by a grandmother on her wedding day years ago; others shop for wedding necklaces to complement their dress and own unique style. Sweet Romance takes the frustration and anxiety out of wedding necklace shopping. Our options include traditional and classic wedding necklaces that will never go out of style, as well as vintage wedding necklaces for the bride looking to capture a certain era’s charm.

Sweet Romance’s bridal jewelry sets include stunning Art Deco pieces, both earrings and necklaces, a vogue 1950s collar necklace and a 52” Art Deco vintage bridal pearl necklace. Consider a mid-century Glam crystal necklace and earring set. Whether you're inclined to wear a bridal pendant or crystal wedding necklaces or you need a matching set of bridal party necklaces, you'll find the items we offer are of exquisite quality and craftsmanship. Feel confident in your purchase knowing each item we sell carries a lifetime guarantee and all shipments for U.S. orders are postpaid.