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About Sweet Romance Jewelry

Sweet Romance Jewelry, a company founded and managed by Shelley Cooper, is an entrepreneurial success story that began with a gem of an idea in the late 1980s and blossomed over two decades into a flourishing design, manufacturing and e-commerce enterprise.

Shelley Cooper is a jewelry artist, designer, historian, and businesswoman who nurtured a love of antique jewelry into a flourishing design and manufacturing company that exquisitely produces the original collections of Sweet Romance Jewelry. Derived from a life-long study of antique and vintage jewelry, her designs radiate the authenticity and spirit of many eras of fashion history.

Formulated from an artistic world view and launched from an art studio opened in 1987, Shelley developed Sweet Romance Jewelry into a design house and prolific studio producing high-quality collections with worldwide distribution. Faithful to the original American notion of costume jewelry, Shelley’s production techniques yield collections of exquisite sculptural detail.

The collection's legacy designs enfold stories and memoirs about jewelry, the women who inspired it, and the historical times that gave it expression. These story lines illuminate the lives and times of queens and consorts, fashion doyennes and socialites, vamps and starlets, dreamers and romantics, our aunts and grandmothers.

Entirely designed and manufactured in the USA, Sweet Romance Jewelry imparts a sense of wonderment and nostalgia in a never ending portfolio of themes, vintage materials, and intriguing color palettes. Shelley’s designs convince the eye of old treasures rediscovered, continually interpreting fashion trends of yesterday and today.

In addition to being a Women’s Wear Daily Featured contributor and receiving the Chicago's Choice for Jewelry Design Award, Shelley speaks about the history of women’s ornamentation and her own jewelry designs. Proudly, pieces from Sweet Romance Jewelry have been used on NBC-TV shows, on the London stage, and are part of the permanent collection in the Edith Head Wardrobe Department at Paramount Pictures.

As a businesswoman, Shelley’s entrepreneurial efforts have been rewarded with her inclusion in 2010 in an elite group of 24 small businesses selected to participate in the Goldman-Sachs 10,000 Small Business Initiative.

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