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Here are 6 ways to look after your costume jewelry:

1. Costume jewelry and water just do not mix! Avoid leaving it in moist bathrooms or wearing while swimming or showering. Take off rings when washing your hands or doing dishes.

2. Display your costume jewelry on earring holders, necklace stands or bracelet bars to avoid messy tangles that can harm the jewelry. Display stands are also great for showing off your jewelry so you get to enjoy it more. Alternatively, you can store jewelry in a dry box or container. Keep pieces separate to avoid scratch marks.

3. When traveling, use a roll – also known as an jewelry organizer – to protect your treasures.

4. Just like with caring for pearl jewelry, fashion does not like the acid from hairsprays and alcohol of perfumes so put yours on after you have sprayed hair spray and perfumes. Perfume, hair spray, lotions and perspiration may affect the color of any metal, whether 14K or plated finishes. Put your jewelry on after your perfume and hair spray are dry.

5. Avoid letting your costume fashion jewelry coming into contact with soap, face creams, or moisturizers. If they do rinse clean and pat dry. Make sure they’re fully dry before putting it away.

6. Clean your jewelry with an all cotton, no-texture cloth to wipe off any set crystals and pearls.

Following these jewelry tips will make sure you get to enjoy your beloved fashion jewelry for years to come simply by caring for them.