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Elizabethan Feline Cat Pin by Sweet Romance P222 Leaf Crown Bobby Pins
British Regalia Cross Necklace Hematite Halo Estate Ring R561 | Sweet Romance
Renaissance Heart Ring R556 | Sweet Romance Zephyr Destiny Ring R550 | Sweet Romance
Zephyr Destiny Ring
Price: $34.00
Zeus Destiny Ring R549 | Sweet Romance Crystal and Lace Cross Necklace | Sweet Romance
Zeus Destiny Ring
Price: $34.00
Canterbury Chain Necklace N636 | Sweet Romance Canterbury Earring Trio Set of 3 E636 | Sweet Romance
Ex Fide Fortis - From Faith, Strength - Necklace | Sweet Romance Canterbury Slide Bracelet | Sweet Romance
Royale Earrings | Sweet Romance Griffin Earrings | Sweet Romance
Royale Earrings
Price: $48.00
Griffin Earrings
Price: $59.00
Jewel Renaissance Earrings | Sweet Romance Old Czech Drop Necklace N1381 | Sweet Romance
Dorchester Necklace | Sweet Romance Autumn Haze Necklace | Sweet Romance
Dorchester Necklace
Price: $75.00
Autumn Haze Necklace
Price: $146.00
Medieval Sword Necklace | Sweet Romance Chantilly Chain Necklace | Sweet Romance
Grand Regalia Bracelet | Sweet Romance Jet Tuscany Bracelet | Sweet Romance
Charlotte Bracelet BR487 | Sweet Romance Alycia Bracelet | Sweet Romance
Charlotte Bracelet
Price: $49.00
Florence Bracelet BR531 | Sweet Romance Vintage Jeweled Cross Necklace N1404 | Sweet Romance
Victorian Mini Medallion Bracelet | Sweet Romance Gates of Heaven Necklace N411 | Sweet Romance
Canterbury Jewel Earrings E647 | Sweet Romance Garnet Victorian Necklace | Sweet Romance

Renaissance & Elizabethan Era Jewelry

Queen Elizabeth I, last member of the House of Tudor, was Queen of England from 1558-1603. This period, known as the Elizabethan Era, took place during the European Renaissance period, which is said to have occurred from approximately 1300 to 1700. Renaissance, which means “rebirth” in French, was the bridge connecting the dark Middle Ages with the modern age, characterized by a resurgence of the once-forgotten ancient Greek and Roman cultures across many areas including, science, art, music and fashion.

Our Renaissance and Elizabethan Era Jewelry Collection features outstanding examples of gemstone jewelry and other intricate metalwork pieces that typify Tudor Era jewelry. You'll find a fantastic selection of Elizabethan era rings and a beautiful set of five Italian Renaissance stacking rings available in a gold or silver finish. Transport yourself hundreds of years in the past with medieval jewelry reminiscent of age-old Renaissance Faires. Add to this some magnificent Renaissance jewelry, including this Elizabethan necklace based on the gems displayed by the Duchess of Burgundy at her wedding. Browse from dozens of earrings and bracelets depicting this memorable time period.